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There are few styles and numerous types of bras which every lady should be able to identify and name appropriately. It will take us forever to describe every type of bra as there are over fifty, so let’s take a look at the most widely used ones.

The Push-Up Bras

This is probably the most popular type of bras, regardless of age, status or clothing style preferences. Fashion will always dictate the need of having perfectly shaped, higher positioned and fuller breasts. That is exactly what push-up bras are purposed for, along with making your clothes fit better and look more fashionable (especially when it comes to a deep cleavage).

push up bra

By lifting up breasts, push up bras enhance physical appearance and put an emphasis on feminine curves. Along with that, push-up bras make a necessary type of bra for sagged boobs, keeping them at the right position.

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Push up bras come with or without padding.

Demi – is one of the most popular types of push-up bras with half to quarter cups, coming with removable padding. Demi bras suit perfect for average to large breasts size.

demi bras

Plunge bras

Plunge bras come in handy when your cleavage is going to be strikingly deep. The edges of plunge bra cups are cut in a specific fashion to make bra invisible under the low line clothes.

Plunge bras support and lift up breasts like push-up bras do, but in addition to it plunge bras push boobs together, enhancing your cleavage at its max. As you may see in the picture, plunge bra cups allow your cleavage go down quite far in the middle, without parts of a bra flashing from under the dress. It’s an absolute must have for wedding outfits and evening gowns.

plunge bra

Unlined bras

This category includes several types of bras which have one thing in common – no padding.

Here is the brief list of most widely used unlined bras:


Bralettes became the hottest trend of 2016 year for a reason. Made of translucent finest lace, cotton or microfiber, bralettes come in the endless variety of styles and colors and suit beautifully for absolutely every occasion and clothing style. Bralettes’ breasts supportive function is way lower due to the absence of underwire or boning, therefore bralettes are preferred for a smaller size of breasts.


Minimizer bras

Minimizer bras are designed for delicate, gentle support of large breasts, making them visibly less. Minimizer bras are purposed for making woman’s figure more proportional by lifting and tightening breasts area, without giving up comfort. The correct size of minimizer bra should bring feeling like you are wearing a second skin.

Minimizer bras


Seamed bras have a seam going through the middle of cups. Unlike seamless bras, cups of seamed ones consist of two pieces of fabrics. Seams give cups better shape, minimizing the pressure on breasts inside the cups. Seamed bras perform more support than seamless ones and suit perfectly for blouses, casual dresses, and t-shirts.

Seamed bra

Full-figure, Plus size and Nursing bras

Those types of bras are designed to provide you with full comfort while making your breasts fully supported and placed at the correct position. Coming normally without padding and boning, full-figure bras come with big sized cups to fit your curves flawlessly.

Full figure bra

Nursing bras come in two types which are pregnancy bras and breastfeeding bras which both are purposed to deliver delicate yet reliable support with utmost comfort for woman’s body. This all is possible through wider stronger straps and band, which allow distributing pressure equally. Cups are stretchy with (often) removable upper or front part for comfortable breastfeeding without taking the bra off.

Nursing bras

T-shirt bras

T-shirt bras are probably the most preferred type of bras when it comes to making your clothes (particularly T-shirts) look like there is no bra underneath.

t-shirt bra

Absolutely unnoticeable with smooth, undecorated surface of cups, they don’t show a hint of underwear lines on your T-shirt.
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Whenever you are going to wear the low dress or a dress without shoulder straps, it’s also the occasion for the gorgeous strapless bras. There is no need to worry about underwear peeking out from under the outfit. Bra without straps supports your breasts without letting anyone know it is there.

Those are the most common types of strapless bras:


In fact, bandeau bras are the strip of a stretchy fiber, wrapping around you breasts area. Pressing your tightly yet gently, bandeau makes a very comfortable garment for wearing under strapless blouses and sports clothing. Bandeau normally comes with double-layer “cups”, with of without padding.

Bandeau bra

Adhesive, STICKY and Backless bras

Are you wearing a backless dress tonight? There is no need to refuse of bra with the significant variety of adhesive and backless bras.

Adhesive bras are available in an impressive variety of shapes and colors (more about sticky and adhesive bras you can read in this post). Just pick the shape, fitted for your breasts size and stick bra tightly. Adhesive sticky gel at the inner size of cups let the bra hold your breasts reliably.

Backless bras are must have for special occasions. Same as adhesive ones, backless bras resemble the typical bra from the front side but have no band at the back side. Smooth cups edges and therefore absence of lines show no signs you wear something under your dress. Look here more about this type of bra.

You will definitely want to wear one of these with your evening low dress or wedding dress. Take a look here:

Adhesive and Backless bras

Convertible bra

Convertible bras are designed to be worn in several different ways. The straps are removable and replaceable and can be attached to different spots of the bra, depending on the neckline shape of your dress or shirt. Convertible bras are truly universal ones, bringing impressive versatility of ways to wear.

Convertible bra

Longline bras

A longline bra speaks for itself – it’s a bra with an extended line. Longline bras are recommended for every type of figure, making the body shape more like the hourglass.

Bustier and corset bras

Bustiers are the bras with a band extended down to the waistline, coming with or without straps. An endless variety of bustier styles allows wearing them both as underwear (lace bustiers) and as a separate part of the outfit.

Bustier bras

Corset bras have a bra line extended to the hips and just like bustiers could be worn as a separate part of the outfit. Some corset bra masterpieces deserve the title of the sexiest item of woman’s lingerie wardrobe.

corset bra

Sports bra

Designed to deliver enhanced support, sports bra gently compresses breasts area and effectively limits breasts movements during sports routine.

Usually sports bra a made of elastic breathable microfiber which lets bra adjust to the body shape easily.


Racerback bras are a pretty new type of bras, getting increasingly popular among young and middle-aged fitness generation. The straps of racerback bra go through your back, starting at the center point of the band. Fit perfectly for racerback sports top.

Racerback bra

Compression bras

A compression bra stays aside from the whole range of sports bras due to its specific function – compressing breasts against the chest. The compression bras are mainly designed for soft yet strong breasts support during post-surgery period (usually after breasts augmentation). Elastic but dense texture keeps breasts in a proper position, restricting unneeded breasts movements until everything is healed.

Compression bras

Front closure bras

Those are the front fastening high-impact bras for intense sports exercising. Making the silhouette smoother front closure bras fasteners are easier for women to reach.

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Front closure bras


A balconette bra cups have a horizontal cutting line, slightly above the middle line of the bust. Many confuse balconette bra with the demi bra type, but there is an essential difference exactly in the angle of cups line. Often, balconette bras cups barely cover the nipples line making the breasts displayed at its fullest, while beautifully uplifted. Balconette bras are considered an epitome of femininity, embodied in lingerie. Take a look at this and you’ll understand why:

Balconette bra


If there is a most powerful weapon women can use anytime, with no chance for men to resist it – it’s the sexy and sensual lingerie. Sexy bras are designed for seduction rather than for supporting breasts, so the cups are usually translucent, sheer and made of a lace.
Sexy lingerie is not about the youth or slim figure. Even if you are a breastfeeding mom you simply must have one of these seductive masterpieces for special occasions with your loved one.


Lace bras are at the top of men’s preferences for a reason. A woman, wearing lace is absolutely irresistible; her body speaks in the language of desire so beautifully, that it’s impossible to take the eyes of. Lace bras come in unlimited variety of styles and colors and often look like a true piece of art.

Lace bra

Shelf and Open cup bras

Shelf bra and open cup bra are actually the same, standing for bras with partial or no cup, revealing the breasts for seeing. It’s a special occasion type of a bra, wearing to show rather than to cover.

open cup bra

See through and Sheer bras

See through bras allow the skin under the cups tease and seduce, revealing just a little but enough to make heart race faster.

Sheer bras could come with semi- or totally sheer cups with boning or completely wireless. The transparent, smooth and sheer fabric is weightless on the skin.

See through bra

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