backless bra

Backless bras are the best girls’ friends!

Tempting, incredibly sensual backless dresses are made for nights out and for glamorous events! Of course, those open back dresses with usually low neckline require the flawless cleavage, which is impossible without the proper bra. Needless to say but the strap and the band of the bra should not be visible as these details spoil the entire look and degrade your style instantly.

Bra for backless dress is one of the greatest inventions of the lingerie industry, making your breasts reliably supported and lifted up without revealing bra’s presence under the dress.

How does it work, without the band? Actually, backless bras are made in two types: bras with a clear band and adhesive bras with no band around the chest.

To get a quick picture – take a look at this amazing variety of strapless backless bras here and find your best bra model.

Apart from being backless, those bras work as regular brassieres, so you may choose a backless push up bra or U-plunge bra for your perfect V-cut and voluptuous cleavage. Adhesive elements allow your bra trick to the breasts or to the sides of your back, staying invisible even under the dresses with an open and sheer top.

Adhesive bras usually come in nude color with (or without) clear adhesive “wings”. Wings stick to the sides of the chest with the special adhesive layer, and remove easily with no sticky traces left on the skin. These bras are absolutely equal to regular ones in terms of functionality and ability to support and push up breasts.

On the other hand, there is a bra for backless dresses with the clear band, for the most reliable support. Although the band is at place, it is barely visible on a skin as it is made of a thin silicone strap. Coming without shoulder straps they allow wearing open shoulders outfit with an unprecedented elegance and confidence. These types of bra come in all colors, but most often in nude, white and black. You can find more about how to choose the right type of a backless bra in this professional guide

Whatever the clothing style you prefer, backless bras will come in handy for many occasions. Comfort, reliable support, and invisibility under your attire make backless strapless bra an absolutely must have undergarment.

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