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Sticky bra as an excellent option for an open dress!

Well, a sticky bra is definitely not something you use on regular basis. Though, when it comes to a backless outfit, nothing beats the unnoticeable sticky bra, in terms of convenience, support and a great shape of bust it creates under the clothing.

Sticky bras come in the huge versatility of types and forms, but they all have one thing in common – they literally stick to the breasts through the adhesive layer on the inner side of a brassiere. Find here all variety of sticky bras of following types:

Sticky cups

Those are adhesive silicone cups, connected at the front side (usually come in nude or transparent color). Both cups stick directly to breasts and cover them without any additional elements. Could be used multiple times as it is perfectly described here.

sticky cups

Disposable sticky petals

Sticky breasts petals is a genius invention for lifting up and shaping breasts with the most natural, perfect look. Adhesive single-layered petals stick to the lower part of the breasts with further fixing its ends at the upper area. Petals lift the breasts up without covering them to make the braless look and the impression of the naturally perfect shape of breasts.

disposable sticky petals

Body sculpting sticky bras

It’s self-adhesive bras with underwire which lift breasts up and shape them for the low neck outfit. Those are backless bras with an adhesive “wings” sticking to the both sides of the chest area. These bras perfectly sculpt breasts for a great looking cleavage.

body sculpting sticky bras

Adhesive “Top hats”

Top hats are separate adhesive “cups” for covering nipples area or the whole breasts. Top hats do not provide any support or sculpting. Instead, top hats cover the “sticking out” parts of a body, harmonizing the breasts shape. Read a great introduction of the top hats right here.

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