What do you choose – back or front closure bra?

For many, it seems like there is no difference between bras with back and front closure. Honestly, until I decided to dig deeper I was also sure it is purely a matter of personal preference and has nothing to do with real benefits.

Here is what I have figured out after conducting a research among women who wear different types of bras with back and front closure. I asked them why they prefer this or that type and here is the outcome.

Let’s take a closer look at pros and cons of bras with back and front closure.

Back closure


Back closure is something we all are used to. Women say that bras with back closure are best for large breasts; as such bras provide more support without slipping upwards and downwards.

Another essential benefit of the back closure is that in case it unclasps under the blouse your boobs are still inside the cups and you can simply reach your hands and clasp the bra back.


Women say that back closure bras make it little bit awkward to undress, especially when you expect everything to be done smoothly and effortlessly.

You can’t see the closure so you may not clasp or unclasp the bra with the first attempt.

Front closure


It’s very easy to unclasp the bra and women say that men also prefer their women to wear bras with front closure as they find it very hot.

Another advantage is purely practical: if your arms and joints are not too flexible and you find it annoying reaching your arms backward to clasp the bra – the front closure bra will be the best for you.

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Front closure is not adjustable, so you cannot change the place of closure on the band to make it wider or narrower. The front closure bras provide less support so are not suitable for really big breasts.

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